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Commercial Wheelchair Lift

A motorized system, the wheelchair lift helps to transport your user safely up and down a flight of stairs without the need for them to stand up from their own personal wheelchair. To ensure that your business space remains accessible to all stakeholders, including those with physical disabilities, you should consider installing commercial wheelchair lifts

Taihee offers two solutions – the Inclined Wheelchair Lift and the Vertical Wheelchair Lift.

Types Of

Commercial Wheelchair Lift

Inclined Platform Stairlift

Vertical Enclosed Platform Lift

Types of


Vertical Enclosed Platform Lift for Public Areas

  Accessibility matters to clients, staff and users alike. Having facilities and amenities in your building is important for creating an inclusive culture. This ensures that you are ready at all times to accomodate visitors from all backgrounds.

Wheelchair Lift For Commercial Buildings

  Our wheelchair lifts are suitable for outdoor environments, being durable, rugged and water resistant. The outdoor wheelchair lift is designed for porches, loading bays and mini slopes. Our wheelchair lifts’ operations are quiet and they will work even if the power is out. These lifts are very reliable, safe, and provide independence for wheelchair users.

Exterior Wheelchair FAQ

The wheelchair lift system works by first having the railings and platform being installed on top of the stairs. Once the mounts have been installed, and power has been supplied to the system, users can commence usage. The platform lifts the user up or down along the railing while retaining a stable environment. This affords the user a smooth ride while the entire system operates in a quiet and space efficient manner. Additionally, battery backup and emergency lowering features are present to prevent harm to the user should a power failure occur.

Our wheelchair lifts are built with quality materials that require less maintenance efforts. However, it is advised that you get professional maintenance on a regular basis to check for the condition of the lifts. This would help to prevent any major negative incidents from occurring.

Yes, uninstallation of the wheelchair lift system can be done within a couple of hours.

Specific wheelchair lift designs have been created to cater to curved staircases. Should you have stairs that curve or turn, you will need to get a professional installer to design the railings and platform to fit the dimensions of your staircase.

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