What is a Platform Lift Used For?

Who Does Platform Lifts Benefit?

Age, accidents, and illnesses are the main reasons which can cause someone to be wheelchair-bound. This can be a difficult and painstaking journey for some people as movement is inconvenient. Furthermore, if one resides in a multi-story home, staircases are a daily challenge for occupants to travel up and down their homes. This causes problems for wheelchair-bound occupants as it is impossible for them to transport their wheelchair along with themselves to a second or higher level. This is where an enclosed platform lift will shine and help them to arrive at a different level without the inconvenience of leaving their wheelchair.

Two types of platform lifts can aid in the convenience of transport. Both enclosed and glass platform lifts are great options you can consider, to install in your home as a solution for visually disabled and movement impaired occupants. When sourcing and installing these platform lifts, you should ensure that the platform lift is suitable for the needs and requirements of the end-users. The objective of these requirements must be met so it can improve the lives of the wheelchair bounded occupants. These are the reasons why you should invest in a platform lift to aid the disabled occupants in your homes or offices.


The platform lift is highly durable and long-lasting as it is estimated to be able to handle the load of 400kg and transport occupants to as high as 13 meters. These are some of the estimated measurements that a platform lift can operate on.  This depends on home or office sizes and the extent of choosing a low or high-end lift. As such, the materials used for these lifts need to be high quality to ensure that the performance is optimised and constant. Common materials such as aluminium and or glass are used as the base for these lifts, depending on which type of the two lift you choose to install.


The design aspects of a platform lift should include aesthetics but more importantly functionality and practicality. The motor should be position in an accessible area for technicians to conduct maintenance if required.  The floor selection buttons should be positioned lower for the wheelchair-bound occupant to reach. In other design considerations, the number and the swing direction of the doors can be customised according to the preferences of the customers.


The operation of the lifts should be seamless to all users and occupants in homes or offices. Although the target audience of a platform lift is mainly for wheelchair-bound or movement impaired people, it can be used by anyone. There are three factors contribute the platform lift into a piece of seamless machinery for convenience. Firstly, the operation of the controls should be simple and placed within the lift. This omits the need for a separate control room to maintain the operations of the lift. Secondly, the motor and movement of the lift should be soundless to maintain natural serenity. Third and lastly, as an additional device installed in your home and office, it should conserve energy to reduce your electrical bills.


Lighting is an important consideration for both enclose platform and glass platform lifts especially in dark conditions such as during the night. LED Lighting is an excellent solution for any environment because it has many benefits. LED lighting is very durable and can last very long. It is cost-effective because it consumes lesser electricity than other forms of artificial lighting and it does not produce as much heat as the others. When multiple LED lights are used in a lift, the light produced is even and balanced throughout the space. These LED lights can also be attached to a spare power source installed in the lift, which allows them to remain on for a few hours even if the main power source is disrupted due to a blackout. If the platform lift is made up of glass, then it can help you save more electrical costs as natural sunlight can shine into the lift.


The flooring of the lift is very important as it affects the friction between the floor and the wheels of the wheelchair. Rubber or PVC are usually the preferred materials to use when creating a floor texture to encourage traction and grip. These materials are usually used to prevent accidents such as skidding because they are great in adhesion and resistant to abrasion. In businesses, the coating of the floor could have a logo or business-related information if the customer requests it.


Innovation is important to all products as technology evolves and progresses towards smart tools to create convenience. A testing and diagnosis system can be equipped to both enclosed and glass platform lifts to analyse, store and rectify any information such as errors to ensure a smooth operation. This information analyses individual components of the lift such as button controls, sensors, and door performance. In other system analysis, the number of lift uses, which floor it stops on most and the timing of these occurrences are some of the examples that allow the lifts to make an additional enhancement to improve the lives of all users. Improving the performances is possible with these systems and diagnostic testing in place. Some of the improvements include the speed of transportation, noise level, auto button settings and seamlessness of the entire process.

Difference between the Two Types of Lifts

When you install either an enclose platform or glass platform lift, there are unique characteristics that suits different preferences and needs of businesses and personal usage.

Enclosed Platform Lift

Efficiency: A platform lift is slow but able to transport heavy loads in a safe way.

Self-Reliant: Users can operate and use it without the aid of another person.

Safe: Platform lifts are very secure and their main feature is to prevent injuries and avoid accident for their users.

Glass Platform Lift

Contemporary Feel: It is associated with clarity and professionalism in corporate setting. While at home it looks modern and can fit in with furniture and design from the current era.

Energy Saver: Natural light can enter the lift which helps you save electricity, reducing your electrical bill.

Transparency: It allow users to view the surrounding area and improve their mood as daylight is associated with happiness.

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