Types Of Mobility Devices For Your Building

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In this day and age, society has gradually embraced the spirit of inclusiveness. The need to increase the accessibility of houses, buildings and public spaces is being recognized and the demand for mobility devices is picking up pace.

Mobility devices are by definition devices that help enhance the mobility of people with physical disabilities, namely wheelchair users.

These devices are designed to be installed to the existing structure of houses and buildings in order to make these spaces accessible to people in wheelchairs without external help.

Some types of mobility devices for your building available on the market are:

Residential Stair Lift

A residential stair lift, otherwise known as a wheelchair lift is a mobility device designed for residences. The stair lift is a motorized chair powered by rechargeable batteries to transport a user from the top to the bottom of a staircase.

The motorized stair lift travels across a track which has been mounted to the steps of the staircase.  These stair lifts can be installed on staircases of various steepness as more mounts can be added on to the railings for sufficient support.

Straight Stair lift

A straight stair lift can support up tp 127kg of weight. It has a track made out of natural anoised aluminum with a maximum length of 6 metres at an angle between 30 to 50 degrees.

The main feature of the straight stair lift is that it will cease movement if the system detects an obstacle ahead. It can also swivel towards a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

A user can easily control the stair lift using an onboard joystick and an infrared remote control. The stair lift operates at a voltage of 24V DC Operation to recharge its rechargeable batteries with a power consumption of 0.1kw.

The straight stair lift can be used both outdoors and indoors as long as a power outlet is available nearby, making it a versatile piece of mobility device.

Curved Stair Lift

For houses with curved staircases, the curved stair lift is available on the market. It can support weights up to 120kg. Using a track made out of twin tube steel rail in RAL 9002, it has a maximum length of 30 metres with angles between 0 to 52 degrees.

Similar to the straight chair lift, the cuved stair lift will also pause itself when an obstacle is detected in its path. The curved stair lift is fitted with an interlock swivel seat that comes with a retractable reel seat belt. These features ensure the safety of the user when operating the stair lift.

The curved stair lift can also be operated with an onboard joystic and RF remote control. It operates on rechargeable batteries that require an operating voltage of 24V DC with a power consumption of 0.12kw.

Vertical Platform Lift

A vertical platform lift is a motorized platform used to lift up wheelchair users from a lower level to a higher level. Platform lifts can be installed beside a flight of stairs or by its own as long as the structure of the building allows. It is usually installed at a space where a conventional lift cannot be installed.

Vertical platform lifts can support weights up to 400kgs and are wheelchair friendly. This means that wheelchair users can easily move themselves into and out of the lift.

The dimensions of the platform is 1100mm (W) x 1467mm (D) which meets the BCA requirements for wheelchair access.

A power requirement of Single-Phase 220Vac is required to operate a vertical platform lift.

Enlosed platform lifts are used to transport users from one floor to another within a building. It is usually installed in houses with two to three floors.

For commercial and public spaces, vertical platfrom lifts are supplied to transport wheelchair users from a lower landing to a upper landing, usually making a maximum of two stops.

A vertical platform lift can be opened or enclosed. Opened platform lifts are secured with a sturdy exterior which surrounds the perimeter of the lift keeping its occupant safe during transportation.

Enclosed platform lifts have surface areas that are completely enclosed which make them appear to look like smaller versions of conventional lifts.

The exterior of an enclosed platform lift can be made out of different materials. A popular variant of the enclosed platform lift is the glass platform lift.

The glass platform lift is favoured among customers due to its aesthetic design that will fit well into modern spaces.

Who Will Benefit From Mobility Devices

Wheelchair Users

Wheelchair users will benefit greatly from the integration of mobility devices in homes and also buildings. They will be able tp move around more freely without the help of other people.

With improved accessibility, this community of people will be able to gain more freedom and live more independent lives. With the help of mobility devices, the prospect of unrestricted movement in residential buildings, office buildings and public spaces will allow physically disabled people to go about their day to day life independently.

Old folks who require wheelchair assistance will certainly enjoy the freedom to carry out their favourite activities without having to ask a family member for help, they will be free to meet up with their friends and peacefully enjoy their golden years.

Family Members And Employers

Family members will no longer have to worry about their love ones as they are able to move around independently with mobility devices in place.

Employers will benefit from the talent that wheelchair users bring to their companies. As the issue of restricted movement is has been addressed, disabled employees are given equal opportunities to contribute to the workforce.

How Tai Hee Engineering Trading can help

Tai Hee Engineering Trading Pte Ltd is a leading importer and service provider of the latest technology of mobility devices from Europe to Singapore and South East Asia. They provide consultation and installation services of residential stair lifts, commercial wheelchair, enclosed platform lift as well as glass platform lift. These consultation and installation service are catered to private home owners as well as commercial and public areas.

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