How Are Stair Lifts Powered?

Stair lifts, or otherwise known as chair lifts, are powered by a motor that exists at its base; the motor typically depends on a chargeable battery for energy. Additionally, in the event that your household experiences a power trip, you can be sure that the stair lift is still capable of being operated for a limited time.

What is a Stair Lift?

A stair lift in layman terms is a chair that travels along a track which has been mounted to a staircase. This allows for seamless transportation of people with mobility limitations up or down a flight of stairs. The device is fully operated by electricity and thus does not require you to perform any manual labour for its operation.

The stair lift’s motor is essentially a gear that is meshed into the gear strip of the track.

When this gear turns, mechanical movement is produced, moving the chair forward in one direction. Conversely, if you were to set the motor’s direction in reverse, the chair would move in the opposite direction. This motor is powered by a battery which can be found within the base of the chair.

Stair lifts are an excellent mobility device not just for the mobility-impaired but also for older folks. At older ages, our physiological abilities start to deteriorate, thus affecting our daily activities. For example, your sight may worsen as you age which in turn endangers you when moving up or down your home’s stairs. In an unfortunate circumstance, you may trip and fall hard on your stairs. At an advanced age, this could severely damage your joints and thus rack up a sizable hospital bill. The utilisation of a stair lift does help you to circumvent some of these scenarios.

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Stair Lifts Are Powered by Batteries

Battery powered stair lifts are energy efficient and safe for operation under emergency circumstances. They feature a battery that is found within the base of the chair. When the stair lift is not in used, the battery is charged via the rail that has a battery charger at its end connected to your home’s electrical circuit.

While stair lifts are capable of operating without electrical power inflow, they are still designed to be plugged in and turned on at all times. This ensures that the batteries are constantly at 100% charge.

If you are wary of the resulting electrical bill from the operation of the stair lift then rest assure that these systems are highly energy efficient. Stair lifts can use much less energy than the appliances in your home. In fact, a stair lift may consume as little as 0.024kWh, which is little in comparison with a washing machine that uses 0.7kWh

Since this type of stair lift is battery operated, it can be operated autonomously of your home’s electrical circuit for periods of time. This allows you to unplug the stair lift rail and to use the power socket for other purposes. Furthermore, if charged previously, you can rest assure that the stair lift can continue work as per usual even in an electrical outage. In fact, you can expect the stair lift to deliver around 10 journeys without running into any issues.

Concerns to be Observed when Owning a Stair Lift

Stair lifts are by and large durable machines, capable of operating without issues for years. However, their lifespan can be considerably shorten if you fail to observe some of the basic principles as stated below.

You should be wary of operating the stair lift on its battery power for long stretches of time without charging. If the system’s batteries go flat, you will be required to fully charge the batteries before you can start up the stair lift again. This can be a huge inconvenience for users in your household and may even spark further unwanted consequences.

In the worst-case scenario, your battery may actually die, thus mandating that you purchase replacements. To aid you in preventing such outcomes from coming through, stair lifts typically have visual and audio alerts when the battery is not charging or is at low power.

Finally, you should take note that your stair lift’s batteries should last you 3-5 years before requiring replacement by your original supplier. When a 5-year cycle has passed, you must not hesitate to contact one of the local chair lift companies for a battery replacement. Under no circumstances should you endanger the user by allowing them to use a faulty stair lift system.

Getting a Stair Lift For Your Household

Unsure which stair lift model is suitable for your home? Then get in touch with professional stair lift installation company. Allow them to inspect your premises and to make recommendations on how you can best meet the needs of the intended user.

All households have different requirements and limitations, be it the availability of power sockets or the shape of the staircase, only upon visual inspection can genuine advice be made.

How Tai Hee Engineering Trading Can Help

Tai Hee Engineering is one of the leading chair lift companies in Asia. Since 2006, we have been bringing the latest accessibility equipment and technology from Europe to Asia. Over the course of more than 500 private and commercial projects, we have successfully provided mobility solutions to our clients. We provide sound advice for all clients and recommend the appropriate product that best caters to their needs. Enquire about our chair lift solutions and stair lift cost today.

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