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A residential stair lift is a battery operated motorized chair that transports its user up or down a flight of stairs. Attached to a track found on the staircase, it uses a rack-pinion drive system to ensure a safe and smooth journey. Built for people with limited mobility, it is also referred to the wheelchair lift for homes.


residential stair lift

Straight Stairlift

Capacity: 127kg

Rail Length / Angle: Max.6 metres / between 30 to 50 degrees

Rail: Natural Anodised Aluminium

Will stop movement if obstacles detected ahead

Swivel both clockwise and anti-clockwise direction

Easy to use Onboard Joystick Operation and Infra Red Remote Control

Operating Voltage: 24V DC Operation (Rechargeable Batteries)

Power Consumption: 0.1kw

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Curved Stairlift

Capacity: 120kg

Rail Length / Angle: Max.30 metres / between 0 to 52 degrees

Rail: Twin Tube Steel Rail in RAL 9002

Will stop movement if obstacles detected ahead

Retractable Reel Seat Belt

Interlock Swivel Seat

Easy to use Onboard Joystick Operation and RF Remote Control

Operating Voltage: 24V DC Operation (Rechargeable Batteries)

Power Consumption: 0.12kw

Country of Origin: United Kingdom


Can My Home Support A Residential Stair Lift

Installation of a residential stair lift is not an issue for most homes. For starters, your staircase has likely bared the load of having large pieces of furniture such as beds or dresses being carried up or down it. The stress and pressure placed upon the stairs by the chair lift is in fact less than that of such furniture

Another cause of concern that many home owners have is whether their walls would be damaged by the installation and subsequent operation of the system. Since the track is installed directly onto the stairs, and not the walls, any force generated against the walls will be not be sufficient to cause it harm.

A professional installer should be hired for the installation of the wheelchair lift for your home. Proper measurements need to be taken to ensure that no part of the stairs or walls will be damaged during the operation of the stair lift, and more importantly that the user is kept safe.

How Does A Residential Stair Lift Work

The residential chair lift transports its user by travelling along a railing that has been attached to the staircase with mounts on every few steps. Depending on the steepness of the stairs, more mounts may need to be installed in order to provide adequate support.

Since it is a motorised system, the residential stair lift will require electricity from a standard wall outlet that has to be within 6 feet of the top or bottom of the flight of stairs.

Is It Safe To Be On The Stair Lift

Yes, our products have been designed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our users. Features such as user friendly swivel levers coupled with quality materials used in production, ensure that users are kept from harm when using our stair lifts.

Can My Home Stair Lift Be Removed

Yes, uninstallation of the home chair lift system can be done within a couple of hours.

What If My Stairs Have Many Curves

Installation of the stair lift can be done on curved staircases. In fact, specific models have been designed to fit stairs with curves and turns. A professional installer will be needed to measure and design the rails to fit your staircase specifically.

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