Can Stairlifts Be Fitted To Any Stairs?

Stairlifts Are Versatile

Yes, stairlifts can be fitted to most staircases, including those in private homes and commercial buildings. This is true even for non-linear, narrow, outdoor or carpeted staircases. However, there are certain exceptions based on the space available and accessibility of electricity.

Before we get ahead of ourselves and explain the intricacies of fitting, we shall first introduce exactly what is a stair lift.

In Short, what is a Stairlift

Commonly also known as a chairlift, a stairlift is an electrically powered mobile chair that is mounted to a rail that in turns transports its user up or down a flight of stairs. Stairlifts provide a reliable and safe mobility solution for individuals who either struggle with stairs or who wish to protect themselves against falls. Additionally, they are comfortable, easy to manage and can be operated quietly.

A stairlift can be controlled via remote controls or from the chair’s console. This gives users autonomy in their movement. Furthermore, the automated and manual emergency brake functions further ensure the safety of the user.

Variables in Installing Stairlifts

Having covered the basics of stairlifts, we will now proceed to cover common questions or doubts that consumers have about stairlift installation.

Can Stairlifts be Installed on Carpeted Staircases?

Yes, stairlifts can be installed on carpet surfaces without visibly damaging them. For starters, the rails and motorized chair are not planted direct on top of the stairs. Rather, brackets are fastened with bolts to every third stair. As such, only small holes are created from the supporting screws. When installed by professionals, no tearing of your carpet is to be expected.

Can Curved Staircases Support Stairlifts?

Yes, stairlifts can also be installed on curved staircases though custom installation is required. Unlike straight staircases, no two curve chairlifts are the same. Instead, the base track must be bent and joined at precise angles to fit to your staircase. As such, the complexity of installation increases exponentially, making this a task that most non-professionals should not attempt.

Professional stairlift installers need to be engaged to take accurate measurements of your stairs, before production of the tracks can commence. This is followed by the actual installation of the system. If any part of the track or chair is unable to fit, a correction will be required of the product.

Any Other Alternatives for Narrow Staircases?

An alternative solution that exist in the industry is that of perching or standing stairlifts. Unlike chairlifts, they require provide lesser support for the user, placing them into a standing or slightly perched position when utilizing the stairlift.

Given that the machine takes up less horizontal space, these versions of the stairlift are better suited for narrow staircases. However, they do require the user to be able to take a minimal amount of strain on their legs.

What About Multi-Storey Houses?

The challenge of having an operating chairlift in multi-storey houses lies in the need to cater for each level’s exit points. Multi-storey houses also require a slightly more advance remote system that calls the stairlift to the user regardless of which level they are at.

Once again, a custom installation job is needed to program intermediate stopping stations at various levels. This would allow the user to exit the stairlift on the desired level.

Installation in Outdoor Areas

Stairlifts can be installed in outdoor and weather exposed staircases. By using quality materials that are UV resistant, heat tolerant and waterproof, stairlifts can operate as per usual. Additionally, stairlift systems can be covered when not in used, thus limiting their exposure to harsh weather.

Can Stairlifts Work on Narrow Staircases?

Depending on the width of a narrow staircase, it may still be possible to install a chairlift. Where the chair and user are able to comfortably maneuver along the staircase, a customized curved stairlift can be installed. This concept works by having a retractable rail that can be stored away when not in use. Once the rail and chair are stored away, ample space is left for people to safely walk up the staircase.

Unfortunately, similar to curve staircase installations, this would require a custom job that would entail a higher price. In addition, for both cases, custom stairlifts are unlikely to attract demand in the second-hand market. While regular built to ship models can be sold on peer-to-peer marketplaces, custom sets are unlikely to work on other staircases.

Availability of Electricity

While all stairlift do consume electrical power to operate, owners can choose between battery or power socket operated models.

For power socket models, the a power source needs to be located near the staircase of choosing. Excess wire is coiled within the mobile unit thus preventing any accidental tripping or tangling. On the other hand, battery operated models require regular charging but allow you to skip the hassle of having a trailing wire.

Regardless of which model you pick, a requirement of availability of nearby power is exists. As such, a stairlift should not be placed in an area devoid of convenient electrical power.

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